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Japanese GP

McLaren 2017, Montmelò, @Alessio.de.Marco Avens-Images.com
1 year 2 months Enrico Biondi (GPizza&F1chi)
We have known for years that the contracts in the world of motoring are worth worthless bits of paper. That is why we talk about nothing else about what might...


Carmelo Ezpeleta
It happened at last, it had to happen. A real earthquake in the world of motorsport. The distrect court judge of Cadice has decided to open an investigation on...
Hugh Hefner the founder of playboy, maybe the most famous glossy magazine in the universe (printed up to 7 million copies) died in the evening on the 27th...
 FIM : legata a filo doppio ai successi (e non solo) di Dorna..
An interesting report dated 2012 on the economic sources of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, FIM (the government authority of the world of the...
Fonte MotoGP.com
The investigation of SkeetGP on the business of the companies 'close' or in Dorna area which are suppliers of services . The ExternPro case-study. It will...