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Claudio Becchis

da sx Belotti, Sambuco, Bottero
1 year 1 week Enrico Biondi (GPizza&F1chi)
Have you ever tried to give a definition of  ‘Passion’ for who loves motor sports? To this question most of the time one will find themselves in front of...


Carmelo Ezpeleta
6 months 3 days
It happened at last, it had to happen. A real earthquake in the world of motorsport. The distrect court judge of Cadice has decided to open an investigation on...
 FIM : legata a filo doppio ai successi (e non solo) di Dorna..
4 months 3 weeks
An interesting report dated 2012 on the economic sources of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, FIM (the government authority of the world of the...
7 months 2 weeks
Hugh Hefner the founder of playboy, maybe the most famous glossy magazine in the universe (printed up to 7 million copies) died in the evening on the 27th...
Fonte MotoGP.com
1 year 1 month
The investigation of SkeetGP on the business of the companies 'close' or in Dorna area which are suppliers of services . The ExternPro case-study. It will...